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🚩 Do they really know your audience? Do they know how people from your target audience communicate, or what their interests are?

Knowing how your target audience communicates and what captures their interests is crucial for your business and your results. If your digital marketing agency is unaware of your audience and the different segments within it, they will without a doubt fail at whatever they do. We suggest that you schedule a call with your marketing agency right after reading this article and really dig deeper into both their knowledge about your audience and the kind of messaging they are using.

🚩 Does your agency know your numbers - including payback period, target CPL, churn rate, and how much money they need to generate for a profit?

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The next topic you want to discuss with them on the call you’re about to schedule is regarding your numbers – payback period, target CPL, churn rate, actual CPL, and how much money they need to generate in order to be profitable. Let’s say your breakeven in the third month comes at 150 USD per client (aka a payback period of 3 months). But there is a 10% overall increase, because the people you acquire from Facebook, for instance, tend to ask for a refund more often. Well, this means your new CPL is 165 USD. Does your marketing partner know about this? Did you see them calculating these numbers? Do you see it in the weekly reports they are sending you? Or, more importantly, do you even receive weekly reports? Gosh, so many questions to ask them…better start taking notes before you lose track!

🚩 If it takes more than 1-2 hours to see a response to your questions, you are probably one among many clients in the line.

Test it out. Write to your agency right now. Tell them you wish to schedule a call because you have questions. Are they available today or tomorrow? If so, that’s fine…but if they are available only after 2-3 business days, this is definitely a 🚩.

🚩 Are they focused only on your industry/business niche? (Suuuper Important)

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f you are SaaS Business, your agency needs to be focused on working in the SaaS sector. Full stop. Sadly, most agencies in the market claim to be “experts” in everything. There is nothing they can’t do, from providing great results for E-commerce businesses, SaaS businesses, and Dropshipping ones to being extremely successful at selling courses….NOT! The truth is that the campaign setup is very different for each of these scenarios. If your agency doesn’t have separate teams, each focused on a different type of business, they cannot unleash the full potential of digital marketing and are instead simply shooting in the dark. Most agencies want to maximize their profit by working with all types of clients. But, sooner or later, all their clients begin to disappear because they simply cannot provide the results their clients need.

🚩 Is your agency growing with you, or because of you?

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Finally, something you need to ask yourself: Has your marketing partner grown with you or because of you? Do they keep charging you thousands of dollars each month even when you can see their ads are not providing the results they’ve promised? Well, that’s not right and surely a 

It’s important to invest in a good agency but you need to see how your company is growing with their help. It’s even okay for them to ask more if they are achieving the KPIs, but on the other hand, they must decrease their rates when their results are not where they need to be. At the end of the day you are not a sugar daddy, you are a SaaS business owner with great potential!

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