Alt Exchange Case Study

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Let us present you with AltExchange’s story

AltExchange is a start-up businesses. They’ve built a platform (AdvisorVue) that allows Financial Advisors and Investors to track their alternative investments. Right after getting their first investment round they contacted us and were interested in working together. Their product is a platform, that tracks your Alternative Investments and help connect Investors with Financial Advisors.

The main problem they were facing before starting working with us:

Very low number of quality leads (financial advisors) and also very low quality of leads in general.

What did they want to achieve?

Cost per quality lead below $150

And here's the exact strategy we used to help them acquire more customers 👇

At first, we tried using Google Ads to acquire quality leads – Financial Advisors. We started with initial research, initiating Google Ads Account set up, setting up their conversion tracking, and presenting them with the ads we were about the launch. We were focusing on long-tail keywords, aiming for better quality and lower cost. However, the results weren’t very good… not at all. They were so low, it was actually a bit scary 😱 😱 😱👇
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At that point, we had spent more than $2,000 for just one quality lead, amounting to almost $23 cost per click! Wow, we had not expected this, but we had to think fast, because our target was to bring a cost per lead 12x times less expensive. It was time for a new strategy!

Correct! After noticing that Google was not the best place to find wealthy financial advisors, we tested different strategies on LinkedIn – all the while thinking “What would a financial advisor want to achieve?” The answer came around fast… TO ACQUIRE MORE AND WEALTHIER CLIENTS. So we offered them an opportunity to win clients – we partnered with one of the most well-known blogs for financial advisors in the USA and we created a lead magnet. The offer was that when they scheduled a call with us in order to understand more about their business – and if they truly were offering Alts – they would get listed in this blog under the section “Financial Advisors offering Alternative Investments.”

And this was the result:

Screenshot 2022 04 28 at 11.36.47

YES! $146.52 per quality lead, 35 leads for the month! Better than what we’ve expected and definitely way better than what AltExchange was expecting after the $2,000 cost per lead just a week before this.

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