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If your answer is “Hell, yeah!”, then you are in the right place. Watch the video below to find out how YOU can put an end to your unprofitable experiments on Facebook & Instagram Ads and achieve a 13 ROAS👇


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Watch the video and see what an e-commerce owner shares about his experience with us👇

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Important Message from the founders of DigitInk

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Dear Friend,

Growing your business can come from various sources, but one of the most effective and scalable ways to do that is through paid ads

Maybe you have tried that by yourself or you are currently working with a partner. If that’s the case and you are happy with the results this video and the information that you are going to find on this page are not for you.


if you are questioning whether you can have more revenue coming your way via paid ads – you are in the right place. 

On this 4th anniversary of our journey as a digital marketing agency, we decided 

to share our secret for growing e-commerce stores. 

In the video above, we explain the step-by-step strategy for growing Vanya Fashion Clothing Store to the 8-figures. The ROAS that this strategy brought is 13! Can you imagine what it would be if you could invest $1.00 and make $13 out of it?

So, if you haven’t, go ahead and watch the video above. We are sure that it’s gonna provide a ton of value for you. 

If you already watched it, however, and you are wondering how the f*** would this work for your business – we got you covered. 

We are offering a FREE growth session where YOU can get custom tips right from the brains behind this 13xROAS strategy. 

Normally we charge $500.00 for the sessions, but now we will offer it for free to e-commerce business owners like you.

This is a no-strings-attached session. We just meet, brainstorm about your business and that’s all. You can implement the strategies that we are going to share with you on your own or with the help of another agency or freelancer, we don’t really care. We want YOU to WIN.

….. even though we doubt that another agency would achieve the results we did and have a 100% money-back guarantee if they fail

IMPORTANT: Our spots are limited, so please, don’t book a growth session if:

  • You are not serious about your growth
  • You don’t have any sales
  • You can’t handle and deliver more sales

And yes, this is not the first time we are helping out folks. We love sharing our knowledge with people, who are willing to put the effort. Part of our team joined us after we met in their university lectures or different marketing challenges and competitions.

Now, you might be wondering…

“Why on earth is DigitInk being so generous… and doing all this for me today.. and for free?!”

Well, there’s no point in sugar-coating it…
Quite simply, we want you to get off the sidelines and

Get in the Game!

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Usual Price $500/growth Session

Top 5 Things You Gonna
Get From This Session

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“This call literally changed the course of my e-commerce”. We hear this statement over and over again. 

But, we don’t want to sound too vague, so here are the top 5 things you gonna get from the call:

Questions you may have

Well, there’s no point in sugar-coating it… Quite simply, we want you to get off the sidelines and get in the game!

No. We won’t record the call, unless you want it. 

Yes – implement what you have learned and scale your e-commerce! Joke aside, as we said – this is a no strings attached meeting.

Our team of experts

You cannot be great at everything. This is why our team is composed of dedicated experts for each channel.

Media Buyers

Media Buyers are the experts that manage paid traffic accounts.


Our copywriters are skilled in writing words that turn into sales.


Designers plan graphics, site layouts, and brand images for our clients.


Our Founder oversee the overall performance.

Hear from some Ecommerce owners

These business owners were fed up spending money without results until they found our tested and proven strategy

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Ready to get our tried and tested 13 ROAS strategy?

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Usual Price $500/growth session

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