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Let us present you with LidLaunch’s story

LidLaunch is a family owned and operated business located near St. Louis in Collinsville, Illinois. They started the journey in 2017 with the idea of creating a great online source for quality custom headwear after realizing there wasn’t any great options online. They were initially working with another agency, but due to the low return on ad spend, team DigitInk took over their Google Ads account.

The main problem they were facing before starting working with us:

Very low number of sales.

What did they want to achieve?

Return On Ad Spend > 3.5

And here's the exact strategy we used to help them acquire more customers 👇

When we replaced the previous digital marketing agency, we performed n audit, which showed us that only 2-5% of all purchases were coming from the “Bulk order” page. This page was designed to help business owners and individuals purchasing custom headwear for their team, friends, family, etc.

After the Audit we created a strategy, aiming to attract as much bulk orders as possible, due to the fact that the cost per acquisition was more or less the same, but the value of these purchases was way higher.

We split the Google Search Ads between Bulk Order and Single Order ad, as we created new landing pages for both these categories. These Campaigns were supported with YouTube Remarketing + Display Remarketing Ads.

These were the results for the first 3 months of our work 👇

Screenshot 2022 06 09 at 12.44.53
This case study was created in May 2022. This was the last month of our almost 2 year partnership with LidLaunch. At this point their ads are running almost autonomously, due to our intense work on the keywords, negative keywords, automatic bids adjustments and Dynamic ads + The education of the algorithm behind Google Ads. At this point the monthly budget of the account is around $20,000 with an average of 4.5X Return on Ad Spend.
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